Things to Do in Gallup, New Mexico

Published: 05th October 2011
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It's summertime and the perfect time of year for family travel. Pack up the kids and take a drive down the historic Route 66. While seeing the sites on this piece of American history, make sure you add the town of Gallup, New Mexico to the list. There are many things to see and do in this Native American mecca, so you may want to look into Gallup hotels for your stay.

The first people to discover the rich Native American culture were the Spanish Conquistadors in 1540, lead by Coronado. They were looking for "The Seven Cities of Gold" but found instead found a very sophisticated settlement proficient in farming, building, and craft work. More recently, in 1880, a paymaster for the railroad named David Gallup established a small company headquarters where modern Gallup is located, which is where the town gets its name.

Today, Gallup is home to 110 trading posts, shops, and galleries. This makes the town the undisputed Southwestern center of Native American art. The trading post experience is unique to Gallup. While single posts exist elsewhere, this is the biggest collection of trading posts in the Southwest. Another reason you may consider finding Gallup, New Mexico hotels is so you can park your car and walk down Route 66. It is the best way to experience the galleries and trading post activities.

As is fitting for the center of Indian America, Gallup hosts the largest gathering of Native Americans every August: the Inter-Tribal. It is held four miles east of town, in the beautiful Red Rock State Park. There are permanent grandstands built against the towering red rock, creating the amphitheater for the event.

Held Thursday through Sunday, the Inter-Tribal starts at night with the entrance of a Navajo and his sons. He starts a sacred fire, from which ceremonial torches are lit. Flags of the Navajo nation, the United States, and the State of New Mexico are planted at the summit of the cliffs surrounding the ceremonial grounds. Find yourself a Gallup hotel to put your family up in and head out to see this beautiful ceremony.

Downtown Gallup is 12-blocks of turn-of-the-century architecture, trading posts, and galleries. Be sure to visit the Rex Hotel, now known as the Rex Museum, as well as the pueblo revival McKinley County Court House and the historic El Morro Theater. The Gallup Film Festival is held here every year.

Finally, visit the new Gallup Cultural Center, located in a historic railroad station on Route 66. The center consists of the Ceremonial Gallery, the Storyteller Museum, a Visitor Center, and the Kiva Cinema. All attractions are free and open to the public. There is also the Museum Shop and El Navajo Cafe to visit as well. So, plan a trip to Gallup. Find Gallup, New Mexico hotels in your price range, walk down the historic Route 66, and take in all the Native American culture.

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